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Birth and death are not two different states,
but they are different aspects of
the same state.
Mahatma Gandhi

Pregnancy and childbirth in many traditions are considered a time of rebirthing. Time is changing us and makes us grow. No matter what is the experience we get, we become wiser and more capable of solving the complexities of life.

Pregnancy and childbirth, however, are special. The woman really faces the eternity in which the state of being and not being meet. While our body nurtures a new life in our womb, our soul meets daily with the quasi state of not being yet born. When we touch the gloriously growing belly, we feel the new life within, yet until it comes to our world; it is still hanging in the hammock of the ocean of creation between life and death.

This closeness to the most profound essence of human life and our senses becoming exquisitely sensitive makes us able to experience the most magnificent period in our life in pregnancy and come near ecstasy, greater than orgasm in childbirth.

A wise man said that conscious childbirth equals 5 years of prayers and meditation. Pregnancy and childbirth are the time of refine and super fast spiritual growth. Being women we are blessed to have a wonderful journey.

From the time when you plan conception and feel the early signs of pregnancy to the moment of childbirth, you need to be aware of all the choices you have, so that you can choose the best options for you and your baby.

On you will find a wealth of information to nurture your body, heart, mind and soul and have the most miraculous easy and empowering childbirth.

Topics of Interest

Gallery of Natural Childbirth Video Clips
This is a gallery of natural childbirth video clips

Gallery of Easy Childbirth Video
A collection of free easy childbirth video

Gallery of Video of Human Birth
This is a collection of video of human birth

Gallery of Vaginal Childbirth Video Clips
This is a collection of vaginal childbirth video clips

Home Childbirth
Home childbirth video

Unassisted Childbirth
Unassisted childbirth story and video

Pregnancy Nutrition
Food and pregnancy is a crucial topic for every mom-to-be

Pregnancy Nutrition - No Extra Pounds
Eat just enough to feel great

Pregnancy Nutrition for Healthy Baby
eat healthy and nurture a healthy baby

Pregnancy Nutrition for Breastfeeding Mom
If you breastfeed, do not worry, read the article to learn how to nurture yourself and the baby during lactation

Pregnancy Nutrition for Healthy Mom
Healthy pregnancy is healthy nutrition

Pregnancy Nutrition Diet Plan
Consider developing a pregnancy nutrition diet plan

A Childbirth Hypnotherapy Archive
Browse through the previous Childbirth Hypnotherapy Recordings.

Emergency Childbirth Video
Emergency childbirth video - watch and be prepared.

Painless Child Birth
Painless Child Birth - watch a video of a natural childbirth

Water Childbirth
Water Childbirth - the origins of natural birth

Lotus Birth
Lotus Birth - a practice of non-violence

Breech Birth
Breech Birth - How to turn the baby or get prepared for a breech birth

C-section Childbirth Video
C-section (cesarean section) childbirth

Belly Dance - the Ritual of Childbirth
Belly Dance - the Ritual of Childbirth

Conscious Pregnancy and Childbirth
A story of conscious pregnancy and childbirth

Child Birth Video
Child Birth Video

Birth Videos
Birth Videos

Childbirth Free Clips Videos
Childbirth Free Clips Videos

Graphic Vaginal Birth Video
Graphic Vaginal Birth Video shows the crowning of the baby's head and contains tips for the birthing mother how to handle this phase of birth.

Natural Childbirth Video
Natural childbirth video shows home water birth after cesarean.

Free Birth Videos
Watch a selection from free birth videos to see how a couple celebrates the home water birth of their daughter

childbirth online video, childbirth video
Childbirth online video shows the bonding of mother and father with their newborn 5 minutes after birth.

Early Signs of Pregnancy
Early signs of pregnancy will help you to assess your body clues and become aware as early as possible of your baby.

Child Birth Videos
Child birth videos are your guide to finding the best options for your birth experience

12 Birth Stones
12 Birth Stones describes the meaning of the birth stones and includes an entertaining video.

Video of Childbirth
Video of childbirth

Free Childbirth Videos
Free childbirth videos can help you to make the best choices about your birth experience.

Childbirth Quicktime Video Clips
Childbirth quicktime video clips will help you to explore childbirth through video clips and find childbirth quicktime video clips online.

Child Birth Video Clip
Child birth video clip

Childbirth Free Video
Childbirth free video can inspire you to learn about birth and become conscious of the options you have for an enjoyable and rewarding birth experience.

Explicit Childbirth Videos
Explicit childbirth videos can help you see childbirth as it is.

Video of Child Birth
A video of child birth can be a great inspiration and motivator for considering your options in birth.

Childbirth Online Videos
Watch childbirth online videos and think about the options women have in childbirth.

Online Childbirth Videos
I consider it essential for mothers-to-be to read childbirth stories, watch online childbirth videos, read books and consult practitioners to be informed and aware of the process of birth.

Child Birth Free Videos
Home child birth free videos are truly precious. Couples are sharing their most intimate moments and most sacred experiences.

Childbirth Videoclips
Childbirth videoclips can give you insight into the magic of birth.

Child Birth Video Download
A child birth video download is an excellent way to educate yourself. Education is the first step to conscious birthing.

Childbirth Video Noises
Childbirth video noises which you might hear in natural homebirth resemble very much the noises in martial arts.

Birth Stories and Diaries
Inspirational birth stories and diaries. Tap into the wisdom of the mothers.

A Childbirth Hypnotherapy E-zine
Get a Childbirth Hypnotherapy with a new message every Monday through Saturday

A Childbirth Blog
This is a blog on childbirth, including insight, meditation, video and stories.

Questions about Childbirth
Ask a question about childbirth

Contact Me
I am thrilled to talk with you about your concerns, stories, questions and suggestions!

Links to Inspiring Resources on Childbirth, Pregnancy and Parenting
This is a listing of my personal recommendations for various products, services, websites and other resources to help you experience a wonderful childbirth, be a good parent and enjoy your family.

hypnotherapy child birth
hypnotherapy child birth information and resources for alleviating pain in labor and delivery.

Birth Child Hypnosis Hypnotherapy
Birth child hypnosis hypnotherapy can help you to have an empowering childbirth.

Overheating the Baby
Overheating the baby is a common mistake new parents make, unaware of the consequences.

Baby Jaundice
Baby Jaundice is normal after birth. Do you need to worry about it and when?

Treatment of Jaundice
Provides tips of treatment of neonatal jaundice

Childbirth Hypnotherapy
What is childbirth hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis and Childbirth
What is the relation of hypnosis and childbirth?

Effective Hypnosis Childbirth
When you have effective hypnosis childbirth becomes a challenge you look forward to.

Hypnosis Child Birth
Using hypnosis child birth can become not only pain free, but easy and enjoyable.

Hypnosis for Childbirth
The best way to measure the effectiveness of hypnosis for childbirth and pain reduction is to try it and feel how well it suites you.

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Browse through the childbirth video galleries.
Childbirth Video Clips Gallery
Childbirth video clips show how wonderful birth can be and why it truly is the miracle of life.

A Childbirth Hypnotherapy Archive
Browse through the previous Childbirth Hypnotherapy Recordings.

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